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At the dawn of a new millennium, are Islam and Judaism destined to be at odds?


Is There Room at the Inn? is a one-hour documentary that challenges viewers’ understandings of how the conflict in the Middle East can be resolved. As the world community wrestles to find a political solution to the Israeli-Palestinian crisis, a group of cutting edge Jewish and Muslim scholars reveal what many people, including Jews and Muslims, don’t know, and what some Jewish and Muslim leaders don’t want others to know.


Seeking to close a critical informational gap that is fueling the violent global conflict, Professor Nathan Katz, Professor Rabbi David Novak, Professor Imam Khaleel Mohammed, and Professor Aisha Musa propose an innovative approach to peace grounded in the ancient wisdom of the Torah and the Qur’an, and their respective commentarial traditions. Looking to the perennial wisdom of both Abrahamic traditions they ask: What if one could find complementary instructions in the Jewish and Muslim traditions that guide Jews and Muslims on matters of sovereignty over “the other” and on how to share the biblical land of Israel together in peace? How would the peace process, and public policy in the Middle East, Europe, and North America change? Do the Jewish and Islamic traditions offer a path to peace that addresses the political situation in the Middle East since 1948?


Artfully filmed, Is There Room at the Inn? captures the personal accounts and the ideas of this unique group of individuals at a symposium in Miami as they share their deepest beliefs for the future of these two Abrahamic faiths.


The symposium was sponsored by the Program in the Study of Spirituality and the Jewish Studies Initiatives at the School of International & Public Affairs, Florida International University. The film is produced by Red Dzambhala Films (formerly Red Lotus Films International). 

54 minutes.

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